Pay Per Click Management Services

PPC campaign management(Google Adwords/Bing AdCenter) for NH based businesses

Have you ever performed a search on Google or Bing and noticed the numerous advertisements disguised as search results? Maybe you were searching for keywords related to  your business and noticed your competitor(s) website showing up in these ads. If you have used  of these engines, then of course you have. These ads are taking up more and more space on each search engines results page and pushing organic listings further and further down as time goes on. If you are a business owner with a web presence that relies on visitors/traffic to make sales, you need pay per click marketing.  You may have already attempted to run a PPC campaign yourself and if you didn’t know what you were doing, you more than likely lost money.

From determining what keywords to use and where to send the visitors generated from your PPC traffic, to creating compelling ads to choosing how much to bid on each keyword(your CPC) and what your daily budget should be, pay per click marketing can be overwhelming.

Since 2002, when Google Adwords first started offering website owners the chance to bid on keywords, through today, I have managed PPC marketing campaigns for customers on a variety of PPC engines with budgets big and small.

  • Pay per click marketing is not something any business owner, small or large, should jump head first into without the proper know how.

    Pay per click campaigns cost real money, there are no do-overs. The difference between a successful PPC campaign, one that returns a positive ROI vs a campaign that ends up costing you 100’s or 1000’s of dollars, is in the details.

    Unless you are willing to learn how to effectively build a profitable PPC campaign on your own dime, while you more than likely lose time and more importantly, money, it would make sense for you to hire a professional that has managed hundreds of campaigns for clients. That professional is me.

    To learn more about what goes into a successful pay per click marketing campaign, visit any of the tabs on this page entitled; Account Setup, Keyword Analysis, Ad Creation, CPC & Budget Optimization.

  • Account Setup, this is exactly what it sounds like, but there are correct ways and incorrect ways to setup your PPC accounts on both Google &  Bing(Yahoo PPC is also controlled by Bing). The first step in the entire process of establishing and creating a pay per click campaign is ensuring that you have properly setup your pay per click accounts at both search engines.

    From entering your contact and website information, to setting up your billing information and method, I will handle each aspect of setting up your PPC accounts on your businesses behalf.

  • Keyword  Research & Analysis is one of the most important aspects of a successful PPC campaign. It is during this step, that we will discuss the initial keyword list we would like to target with your campaign.

    Once we have established your initial list, I will then take your list and expand upon it using both in-house and external keyword tools. The process is as follows:

    Analyzing Your Products and Services/Developing an Extensive Keyword List –  In order for me to build an extensive keyword list, I will need to understand the products or services your business offers. I will need to think like your customers think. Do you sell multiple products or offer a variety of services? If yes, I will break down your keyword list into multiple categories, each with their own respective keywords and phrases visitors might use to find said products or services. Maybe you only offer your services or products in a specific geographical location, if this is the case, I would also pair these specific geo-targeted(city, zipcode, state) locations with your keywords as well.

    Negative Keyword List – Many business owners, when first attempting to run a PPC campaign, make the mistake of assuming that their keywords can only have one meaning. This is a costly mistake, one that you cannot afford to make. Let me give you an example: You are a business that sells “used” goods, you do not want your PPC ads to show up for searches that include the keyword “new” as these searchers are not interested in “used” as they explicitly typed in the keyword “new”. Using a negative keyword list, we are able to add the keyword “new” and ensure your ad never shows up when a search includes that keyword, eliminating costly clicks that will not convert into sales.

  • After developing a targeted keyword list for your PPC campaign, I will then work on creating your pay per clicks ads. PPC ads are what the searcher sees when searching for a keyword you are targeting in your pay per click campaign.

    Each PPC ad has 5 components:

    Headline – This is your ad’s title. This is the first line of text a searcher will see and typically includes the target keyword(s) or phrase.

    Description Lines 1 & 2 – These two lines are reserved for your ad’s description. These two lines are also the “meat” of your ad and offer the chance to describe your product or service.

    Display URL – This is the URL the searcher sees when your ad is displayed in the search results.

    Destination URL – While the destination URL is not displayed in the search results, it is the component that tells the search engine where to send your visitor on your site. It can be your homepage or an internal page on your site.

  • At this point, we have setup your PPC account, built a targeted keyword list and created effective ads that will attract potential customer’s eyeballs. Now we need to determine what you are willing to pay for those potential customers to land on your site. There are two decisions we will need to make:

    Your Cost Per Click – CPC is what you(the advertiser) will be charged each and every time a visitor/searcher clicks on your PPC ad. Before determining your CPC, we will discuss what a visitor is worth to you.

    Your Daily Budget – How much website traffic do you want on a daily basis? If your average CPC is $1 and you would like 100 visitors a day, your daily budget will need to be $100.  How much can you afford to spend on a daily basis? We will discuss the numbers and then set your daily budget based on what you are willing to spend.