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Professional SEO consultant specializing in small business organic search engine optimization for New Hampshire(NH) based companies

More than likely, you are here because your business needs help with their organic search engine presence. You’ve created a beautiful website touting your product(s) or service(s), yet nobody is finding your site when searching for the keywords related to your NH based business. You may have already made an attempt at optimizing your website yourself(meta tags, keyword rich content) or paid someone to handle your search engine optimization efforts with little to no success.

There’s a reason you are here today, a reason why you are reading about my services; your website needs help. There are many companies that offer SEO services, promising to have you on the first page of Google or Bing in a weeks time, only to take your money and make excuses when they can’t deliver. These companies use tactics that are frowned upon by these search engines and while you might see results, I assure you they won’t last.

What makes me different you ask? I do things the right way. I have been consulting for small businesses, large corporations/brands and website design firms for the better part of 14 years on their search engine optimization campaigns. I have seen it all, I know what to look for and I know with the proper work and a little time, I can deliver results that will last.

  • Optimizing your website for long-term, on-going success in the search engines should be treated the same way you treat any other aspect of your business; with attention to detail and doing things the right way from the start.

    The art of of search engine optimization can be broken down into two basic elements:  On-site/page SEO and Off-site/page SEO. While these two elements mean different things to search marketers(depending on who you ask), the basic principals remain the remain the same.

    To read more about the two basic elements of proper search engine optimization, click one of the two tabs entitled “On-Site SEO” or “Off-Site SEO” and if you have additional questions or you are interested in discussing my NH search engine optimization services over the phone or via email, please do not hesitate to Contact Me

  • On-site or on-page SEO is the optimization that takes place on your site. It can be broken down into several key factors or elements:

    Keyword Research & Analysis – The first step any search engine marketer will take when working towards ensuring your on-site SEO is up to par, is to conduct a thorough keyword analysis. Many times, website owners believe they know what keyword phrases/terms a searcher will use to find their site and many times they are only partially correct. Searchers, like the internet, have evolved. They are becoming better at building their search strings and they no longer use one or two words when searching for products or services. With the use of in-house and external keyword research and analysis tools, I will create a list of terms for your business to target, terms that real world searchers are using on a daily basis.

    Meta Tags –  Meta tags are bits of HTML code found within the source code of your website that search engines use to determine what your site is about. While there are several meta tags you should concern yourself with, two are considered the most important to your site’s success in search engines; the title meta tag and the description meta tag. The title and description tags are what search engines use when listing your site in their results. Every listing you see when conducting a search on Google or Bing displays the content of these two meta tags. While meta tags are considered one of the most basic steps in proper optimization and many businesses have meta tags on each of their pages already, there is a right way(proper use of your keywords and brand name for example) and a wrong way(keyword stuffing and repetition for example) to format these tags.

    Content – Whether your business sells a product or offers a service, content is key. Visitors want to read about your business, they want to know what it is you do or offer. Search engines behave and operate the same way, content helps them determine what it is your site is about. In addition to keyword research and meta tag construction, I employ a team of well qualified content writers that have been trained in the correct ways to write content for both your visitors and search engines.

  • Off-site or off-page SEO, these are outside factors not found within your site that search engines use to help determine what your site is about and how your site should rank in their respective search results. While there are many different aspects of off-site search engine optimization, each of these comes back to one basic theme: Link Building. Search engines need outside influences to help them decide where your site should rank for individual search terms. They do this with something called in-bound links or links pointing at your site from other sites. Think of it this way; inbound links are like “votes” for your site, and the more votes your site receives, the more popular your site will appear in the search engine’s eyes. Like anything else pertaining to SEO, there is a right and a wrong way to go about acquiring in-bound links. Search engines care more about quality than quantity and with a proper link building campaign, your site will prosper in the search results for years to come.

    Depending on what you sell or what services you offer on your website, I will create a custom link building campaign tailored to ensure long term success. While I do not like to give out specifics here on my website, as link building is an extremely competitive activity, I would be happy to discuss strategy for your NH based business with you via email or over the phone. As always, you can contact me day or night via my Contact Form on my About page.